Topic File Description
General sales OMS tutorial The OMS (Opportunity Management Software) Tutorial explains in brief how to
use the OMS software, and in additional, this presentation gives a short
intro into the purpose of pipeline management for sales people, and a very
brief description of the sales tools that can be found in the software.
SPO steps These slides are for reference. They can by all sales professionals for
understanding their roles withing the sales process, and they are especially
valuable for Sales Director / operations / managers who need to integrate
the behavioural sales competencies into a crm / sfa / compensation /
reporting system
Coverage is king

This slide is designed to support the questions:

  • Do you/we meet the client enough?
  • What is the ratio or hunters / farmers?
  • What should our coverage model look like?
How do our customers value us This slide does not have much use, other than defining a level of
behavioural excellence for sales people. So if you are doing what is listed
here, you are doing OK! (as long as you are making your numbers as well)

In addition, I use this slide to link the behaviours listed here to the
impact of using the different sales tools.
Negotiation skills Project management stats

You can use this slide for a number purposes:

1 To show the client that scoping needs to happen before contracts are signed :-)

2 To send it to the procurement department, to begin a discussion that price changes have an impact on the project success

3 To show sales the importance of engaging PMs earlier in the process and not late

4 To make sure step 5 happens well - and not to cut corners

Tradeables These are ideas that fit into our Negotiation skills concepts – tradeables for the IT negotiation.
Presentation skills Sales presentation template

This template can be used as a place to put together your arguments – and I think is really designed for a presentation in Step 3 or Step 4, where you need to get consensus from a buying group.

The slide titles are based on a consultative question asking technique, and designed to lead into the question “is this correct” (the question the presenter asks of the audience for slides 2,3 & 4)

The template fits with visibility rules and therefore can be used with large audiences.

Prospecting Acquisition Campaign Overview We use this for scoping an AC project. The template here can be used for 2 meeting – the meeting with the top dogs, and the meeting with the project owners. It also summarises the process.
AC The AC tool, or "Acquisition Campaign template", will generally be covered
by a CRM or SFA system. If not, you can use this to run your campaign.
Account planning Account Planning Overview
If you are a sales director, this pres will help you describe the importance of account planning, and the benefits.
Account planning summary
The 2 minute version
Account plan template
If you plan to run your own account planning sessions, this is what you can use to collect the information
Account planning roadmap
This is a really detailed plan of how to set up large account planning sessions.