Training services

Pipeliner SPO Sales Process Overview – click here for full details

The Pipeliner methodology is delivered in 2 main formats, which can also be seen in more detail in the SPO description:

Preference: A 3 day programme – very intensive, fast paced and informative.

Excellence: A 2 x 2 day format, with coaching and specific focus on individual participant sales roles.

Pipeliner Academy click here for full details
The key skill of selling is that of asking questions, and the Pipeliner Academy is way we actually form a salesperson from the beginning. The Pipeliner Academy is an extremely intensive programme; it is the skills practice and tool-set mastery programme.

The Pipeliner academy is the boot-camp of the sales world! We differentiate from our competition by insisting that all the roleplays are “owned” by the client. Generics don’t work here.

Pipeliner Sales Management

Although we have run this programme several times for different clients, it is always different depending on the industry. Common themes include:

  • Coaching sales people for better performance
  • How to build negotiators for KAM environments
  • Developing robust compensation schemes
  • Leadership skills in general, and motivating sales people
  • Getting everyone to sell
  • Using project managers’ and techie’s deep customer knowledge better
  • Delegation skills
  • Promoting pro-activity

The following programmes are non-core seminars, which we have been asked to put together by clients, and which we have found to be very successful when they run.

Bridging from IT to Business and back again
This is a programme we do for IT departments: How to sell their services better to their internal business customers, how to speak the business language, and how to sell themselves.

Sales for non-sales

Usually a 1 day programme, this usually comes as a consequence of running a Preference or Excellence programme. Many companies realise that it is important that all their customer facing professionals have a basic sales awareness: we have seen that this creates a measurable difference in account planning sessions.

Sales presentations

This is effectively a presentation skills programme for either sales or non sales, with the difference that each presentation practiced comes from a real example, and the “client roles” are prepared in advance. The feedback then takes a dual track: firstly, presentation skills, and secondly, how to move the deal forward. The presentation skills element of the programme follows a traditional PT skills method – 5 filmed presentations across 2 days.

Sales for channel sales representatives
For Distributors and vendors, and people whose jobs it is to sell through a network of partners. This programme shows them what their personal sales responsibilities are, and how they can use the Pipeliner tools to add value to their partner relationships and squeeze more business out of them. Ideally, we run this with the support of Marketing ideas or promotions, so that participants can practice the concepts immediately in the real world.