Planning services

We run 2 different types of facilitated planning process.  Account Planning and Acquisition Campaigning (prospecting) Both services consist of consulting phases and workshops.

Account planning 

The account planning process is the most mature exercise a sales organization can invest into their key accounts. Designed to be run on a yearly basis, we also aim to give our clients the skills to run these sessions internally.

Reasons for doing an AP session (click here for more information)

  • Up sell, cross sell and increase wallet share in key accounts
  • Correct bad communication and info sharing within the sales team
  • define 1 common strategy for the sales team
  • Create a measurable list of actions with which to guide and control the sales people
  • Expand relationship base and increase coverage within the account

Acquisition campaigning

Prospecting, cold calling, lead generation, business development; there are many names, and we believe that this is a part of the sales job that should not be out-sourced; - indeed it is an element of the Pipeline that has huge value for the organisation if done well.

Reasons for investing in an Acquisition Campaign initiative: (click here for more information)

  • You will not make your targets based on the existing pipeline
  • You want more hunters in your sales team
  • Use USP’s and reference stories more effectively
  • Utilise new sales people better, and create a system to facilitate knowledge transfer between experienced sales and new sales
  • Your company needs to grow

AC initiatives require an analysis of company goals, prospect and product. Please contact us to begin the process.