In 2004, Tim Birdsall and Pim Koeman created a piece of software called OMS – Opportunity Management System, with 3 main uses:

1) To use as an opportunity management system for a single user; meaning sales reps can use this effectively to manage their own pipelines, to give them a sense of the value of their pipelines and show them where they need to put their efforts

2) As a place to store the electronic tools as seen and studied in the Pipeliner method seminars and workshops

3) A tool to explain and train the concepts of good forecasting; the different between leads and opportunities, yield and actual, and the link of percentages to stages

This software is still available to all who wish to use it, free of charge, no spam (or just 1), no strings. It doesn’t work on some platforms, for which we do not apologise.

We are currently working on a new piece of software which will solve all our clients SFA and CRM woes, and meet our very ambitious criteria of actually providing a piece of software that motivates sales people to use it! I know you will wish us luck.

If you download the OMS, you will one day hear about the new sw too. On the download page, you can load the OMS Tutorial, which explains the sw as well.

Download OMS here