Pipeliner SPO – Sales Process Overview

Pipeliner Ltd is the only organisation that offers sales training specifically designed for (and developed within) the IT industry.

Objectives of the Sales Training

  • Align your selling activities with your customer’s buying activities
  • Discover customer pain
  • Identify the most powerful people in the customer’s organization who can help you win
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Link your products to their business needs
  • Qualify and assess win-chances using objective criteria
  • Influence or change your customer’s buying vision
  • Create value for your customers, and sell with the concept of value
  • Increase order amounts / Sell more
  • Create a consistent way to communicate customer information within your organization

Target groups

  • sales / pre-sales / sales managers / CEOs & sales directors - operations / marketing / project managers / customer facing technicians / account managers / consultants / trainers / hr people responsible for hiring & developing sales reps
  • Take-a-ways
  • The know-how and tools to run phase 1 account planning for your key accounts.
  • The know-how and tools  to run an acquisition campaign
  • Simple software to forecast your yield
  • All templates in soft copy
  • Pipeliner Sales Process Overview handbook + templates
  • 2 licenses per person for Pipeliner Online Training. (The Pipeliner online training package will allow you to spread the knowhow within your organisation easily and quickly)


The Pipeliner programme has been delivered to many large and small IT companies across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Here is a selection of company names:

IBM / Lenovo / CA / GBM / S&T / IRM / Tieto / Recro-net / King ICT / Span / Jumbo / Inbox / techaccess / megaplus / corvit / teralight / cabernet / arobs / softlinegroup / domino / vector / croz / netconsulting / flexys / delta / szerverhaz / kersoft / megatrend / polygon / eurosand / ebcont / itsalat / avtenta / sunnysoft / techsense / kopa / radcom / sistec-sbsol / spinsa / memory / acp / combis / jupiter2000

Training formats & timetable (Locations – Vienna, Apeldoorn, Berlin or London. To be announced.)


This is the full Pipeliner SPO programme (Sales process Overview). We invite participants to bring their own examples to work on during the workshop. Very intensive, hard work, fast moving and a lot of fun. Guaranteed to move your opportunities forward.


In this format we take more time with each individual sales person to work on their pipelines, sales teams and sales environment. The SPO is split into 2 stages, and we set individualised project work for the time between the seminars, which is supported by virtual coaching. Ideal for experienced sales, owners, sales managers & directors.

Foundation skills

This is the full Pipeliner SPO, but a little less intense, and with a greater focus on the tool-set and the practical take-a-ways. This format is very much an event, with large participant numbers, and all our best trainers in one place. The perfect place for sales teams; for distributors and vendors to invite their partners, and as a refresher.

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Willing is not enough we must do." – Goethe

Our goal is your success.