All about us: This is the pipeline. It is sometimes better known as “sales funnel”. We use this picture to represent the world of sales. We provide sales training, and facilitated planning workshops. Our concepts are simple, pragmatic and user friendly. The adoption rate of our methods is very high. We have great trainers, with lots of experience. We preach pro-activity, and are pro-active in sales ourselves.
All about YOU: You are a sales-rep, manager director or operations. HR, marketing, project manager, CEO. You are looking for sales training programmes, or you are looking for something different. You are looking for ways to measure sales behaviour, create plans and track them. You are in a “complex” sales environment, which means a sales process requires at least 2 meetings before closing, and more than 1 person on both sides is involved. You value the concept of having a sales process, while you understand that relationship means at least 50% of the deal